You want to join the great adventure of public transport?

Discover the ticket that suits you with Les voyages en train.

Occasional traveler : Ticket +

The Ticket + costs 1.90€ and allows you to make a trip in Paris. It is more for occasional travelers.

Nomadic traveler (without commitment): weekly or monthly Navigo

The weekly/monthly Navigo is for nomads, those who sometimes live in the Île-de-France, sometimes elsewhere… It is available at €22.80 per week for unlimited travel in all zones.

Regular traveler: the Navigo

The annual Navigo is for regular travelers. It allows unlimited travel. It costs €75.20 per month for a subscriber wishing to travel in zones 1 to 5 of the Île de France, or €827.20 per year.

The student advantage: the Imagine R card!

For a student, the Navigo can be subscribed on the Imagine R website which gives a considerable reduction (the Navigo costs 350€ per year). The Imagine R card linked to the Bons Plans card offers many advantages (at McDo, your menu + 1€ = an extra dessert or sandwich!).


We invite you to visit the RATP website,, for more information. If you have any questions, the RATP FAQ will probably offer a solution to your problem. You can access it by clicking on “learn more”.

See you soon on RATP lines!


You can now get your Navigo Pass online!