What if all train trips were in fact a love story ?

Like many Parisians, I spent several hours a week in public transportation during my school years. Between meetings, arguments, discussions, crucial decisions, the doors of the metro and the RER sometimes know me more than my relatives.

I have tended to neglect, perhaps like you, the importance of the path to the destination. These transports are a part of our lives, and become more than just tools for us.

What if we fell in love with our journeys, enjoying their history, the culture they offer us, or even getting passionate about the social issues they are the most obvious witnesses of?

This is what Les voyages en train offers you, not to mention practical tools to help you make the most of RATP’s services.

Enjoy your visit!

Inès, creator of the site.



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We interviewed Île-de-France Mobilités !

The French trade union for parisian transports had the kindness to answer some of our questions! You can find the interview on our Instagram account, @lesvoyagesentrain.